My Philosophy

To me beauty is respect for harmony, it is the search for the right balance between shapes and proportions. With this point of view I plan every single intervention.
Beauty is also uniqueness and expression of the personality: each of us have peculiar characteristics, beautiful and unrepeatable anatomy details that must be emphasized.
The overall harmony and the uniqueness of the face and body are the benchmarks for my every intervention, in addition to the functionality and the anatomy.
Plastic surgery may involve parts of the body that the patient lives as a “defect” causing discomfort, be it of aesthetic or functional nature, congenital or caused by a trauma or by the normal aging process. In addition to dealing with the aesthetic detail, my surgery takes into account, as a whole, body and face shapes in order to achieve an absolutely natural result in which each one can recognize him-self as unique in his new shape. You will only notice how beautiful or younger the patient looks; you will notice the result, not the intervention.
This is why every surgical procedure is unique, even when apparently the surgical technique used is the same.

The way I work

First appointment is based on listening to the patient’s discomfort – whether it is a binge or a lack of functionality, a congenital or acquired state – and requires a careful clinical examination. On this basis, I illustrate the possibilities of both medical and surgical treatment with all the implications, sharing with the patient the achievable goals and the most suitable technique to reach the best result.
In case of surgery, I prescribe blood test and ECG and we schedule all the appointment for the post-op follow up.
Since then surgeon and patient act as a team, working together to achieve the result; this is particularly important when the treatment involves several surgical procedures and the patient has to observe the medical indications strictly.
Surgery is performed by myself and my experienced team.
After the surgical procedure, our attention to the patient continues, beyond the scheduled  controls if needed, up to the full recovery.
For non-resident patients we can arrange a comfortable stay in a Villa just a few meters from our Surgical Center. Link here

My professional career

I graduated in Medical School at the University of Pisa in 1993.
After being a Visiting Physician at the Bellevue Hospital in New York  I won a Hand Surgery Fellowship at Guillermo Almenara “Obrero” Hospital in Lima, Perù
a Center of excellence for Orthopaedy and Traumatology founded by the Italian physician Giuseppe Faldini. My tutor and professor in the Hand Surgery fellowship was Prof. Juan José Rodriguez Lazo, the father of Hand Surgery in Perù. He convinced me to stay and to complete my training in Hand Surgery with him. In order to work with him I took a second degree at Caetano Heredia University – Medical Schoo in Lima and continued the training with him in Hand Surgery for one year
. I was also involved in his team of Reconstructive Surgery of the upper and lower extremities and Hand Surgery at the San Borja Clinic in Lima. After that I won the national competition for the Plastic Surgery residency program in the most qualified hospital in Lima, the Naval Medical Center with the San Martin de Porres University. I then held the position as plastic surgeon at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Congenital Malformations and Burns at the Naval Medical Center Santiago Tavara in Lima while also developing my private practice as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon with the Instituto de Cirugia Plastica Jorge Moreno of Lima, and at the S.ta Lucia Clinic in Lima.
I am Honorary Professor in Plastic Surgery at Ricardo Palma University in Lima and I am the coordinator of the university exchange with Pisa University – School of Medicine.
In the United States I won
a Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery – with special attention to the treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate – with Bill Magee M.D. D.D.S. at the Children Hospital Kings Doughters at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, USA; I trained in Microsurgery at St. Joseph Hospital Huston Texas with Amado Ruiz Razura and Advanced Microsurgery and in Norfolk with Julia Terzis M.D. I also won a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery with Oscar Ramirez M.D. in Baltimore, USA.
From 2003 to 2005 I worked as plastic surgeon at the Chesapeake Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in Baltimore, USA.
In 2005 I chose to go back to Italy where I opened my Surgical Center – Center for Plastic an Aesthetic Surgery –  located in Seravezza (Lucca, Tuscany)
I am involved in humanitarian medical missions with Operation Smile; I give lectures AND PARTICIPATE TO NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL conferences as auditor and as speaker. I am a board member of the Arpa Foundation Onlus, involved in medical education and medical mission in the developing countries. My research has led me to develop new surgical techniques suited for critical pathologies.
I have published several scientific articles, and keep constant training and updating.

Other experiences

In November 1994 I was the medical director on board of Achille Lauro during the sinking in the Indian Ocean. Putting my life at risk, with courage, and certainly with some luck, I was able to rescue one of the life boats that had been abandoned, saving 60 more passengers from the fire on board and the sinking. The experience of facing the emergency, putting the passengers’ lives before my own, was strong both on the human and professional level, and accompanied me even later, when in 2004 I chose to enlist myself as a medical officer in the military corp of the Italian Red Cross. I have been engaged in the international operative theater with various honors and praise on the field, Nassiryia in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, and Herat in Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013. In 2009 I was the health director at the PMA of the Red Cross Military Body in the earthquake in Aquila (Italy); In 2011 I was PMP director of the Italian Red Cross in Lampedusa. I have learned to confront critical situations on the medical and human level, with the most diverse cultures; I have trained my skills, seriousness, sense of discipline, generosity, and spirit of service.
In January 1997 I was involved in my first humanitarian mission with Cirplast, a Peruvian NGO, which was followed by at least 20 other medical missions, under the guidance of Dr. Carlos Navarro Gasparetto, with whom I started the process of treating in cleft lip and palate, then with PAMS, Peruvian American Medical Society, in the most isolated communities of Perù. As a member of Operation Smile International Team Member I have more than 50 medical missions in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Kenya, Congo, Morocco, Ethiopia, Egypt, Jordan, Western Sahara, Romania, East Timor, Cambodia, India.
>Medical missions have been part of my life in the past 20 years . Since the beginning of my medical career, that I felt as the fulfilment of my dream, I have been thinking as how to share the luck I had had. Helping people who were born with a congenital problem and cannot afford the surgical treatment, give back hope and a smile to patients, families and communities  is my way of doing it.

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